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The Olympus Shoot & Go 35mm camera. I can't remember how I picked up this camera, but at a guess my dad probably bought it for me as he was a keen photographer. This was the first camera I remember owning. I remember taking pictures of my family and the family car, I think a ’93 Citroen Xantia at the time, which looking back, is super retro. We would drive to the south of France for summer holidays, it felt like a week of driving to get there. Eventually we would arrive and I would look through that view finder and take pictures of the coast and bad portraits of my family, all soaked in the heat of the Mediterranean sunshine. Getting the pictures back from the shop was always super exciting. Shuffling slowly through the prints and staring at the washed out colours with smiles from ear to ear, I still remember this feeling today. 


From that moment on I have always taken pictures. The years of documenting the lives of my friends as we grew up, riding trains to driving our first cars. Skating through town or hitting the curved concrete of the skatepark. Spending hours in the darkroom at college, getting my prints just right. This has changed into travelling the world and photographing breathtaking landscapes and the people who inhabit these places. Or staying inside to photograph luxury interior spaces which encompass sublime design.


I’ve discovered I'm always happy with a camera in my hand.


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